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Black Country Festival

The Black Country Festival goes on today, with more events all through the weekend. It was the funeral of the victims of the tragedy in Tunisia yesterday where three local people lost their lives. Yesterday was a day of sadness and reflection, but life goes on, even though for some it will never be the same again. (more…)

Weekend photo shoot

CARNIVAL 2015 weekend

Weekend shoot

I was taking photos all last weekend, at Wednesbury Carnival on Saturday and again on Sunday when there was a memorial horse drive from Tipton to Darlaston. It’s the Black Country Festival all this month and so I’ll be out next weekend too! It’s the Walsall town festival next weekend with even more events across the Black Country. (more…)

Kingys memorial drive


Kingys memorial drive

Horse owners from around the Black Country and beyond gathered on Sunday to remember one of their own. They called him Kingy and the drive each year is a tribute to him. It’s  Black Country Day today, so this post is appropriate. This is a tradition that lives on in the Black Country and is made even more special as Kingys memorial drive. (more…)

Photography: Carnival Time

Air Cadets at Darlaston's Party In the Park

It was carnival time in the Black Country this weekend as we promoted the Black Country and celebrated it’s culture too. I took this photo at Darlaston’s party in the park. (more…)

Black Country Festival 2014

Carnival crowds

You might have noticed I’ve been promoting the Black Country Festival just lately. If you haven’t, then I’m doing something wrong. Today’s picture is of Wednesbury Carnival last year. This is the second year for a Black Country Day and the first year for a festival and so it needs more people to support it. (more…)

Lazy days of a Black Country summer

Narrowboat trader at Waterside Place, Walsall

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll know I was at Waterside Place in Walsall on Sunday taking photos of the narrow-boats. Those traders will be at the floating market in Birmingham on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (more…)

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