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Not in the mood for writing #writing

1 st barts

You know how sometimes you crawl out of bed almost lifeless and don’t feel like doing much? That’s how I feel this morning, but I carry on and boost my creativity with several cups of tea! (more…)

Taste and honesty #life


I must admit I find it hard to join in with the spirit of Christmas, but I am trying to make more of an effort. I’m not religious, but I still went to photograph the Christmas tree festival in the local church. (more…)

Sculpture by Epstein #art


These sculptures are reproductions of work by Jacob Epstein and are on display at Walsall Art Gallery. I like them, but I don’t like his paintings. He is described as a sculptor though so maybe I’m being a little harsh. The white one is the better one because it’s easier to photograph. (more…)

National Dialect Weekend #photography


Wednesbury hosted National Dialect Weekend a few days ago and I was at the town hall on Friday night to take a few pictures. I have forgotten this gentleman’s name, I shall have to encourage organisers of future events to have a programme that I can keep. The blue lighting gives a nice effect! (more…)

Black Country #ramble


Welcome to another Sunday morning ramble through the lesser trodden pathways of my mind, when I just let the creative juices and flow and write absolute crap. Today’s picture is of Brian Deakin, alias Billy Spakemon. It’s National Dialect Weekend and Wednesbury is hosting an event. (more…)

Cliques and clichés #ramble

I live in the Black Country in the heart of England, where there are lots of canals and “down to earth” people. Well, they’re “down to earth” most of the time. There are also cliques, groups of people who spend a lot of time together. (more…)

Art and other things #ramble

History of Wednesbury

I edit photos sometimes and try to do something artistic with them. I did this one for the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. The idea was to help people connect in some way to Aethelflead, a warrior princess that the town has a connection in history with. Is that art? Does it have some value? (more…)

Tipton canal festival 2015 #photography


I went to the Tipton canal festival yesterday. I had been looking forward to it, I should have gone there on Saturday when it was sunny. Parking was a problem last year and it was even worse this year with police no parking cones out where I intended to park. I still managed to take a few photos. (more…)

Canal and narrowboat #photography

Lock keepers cottage, Park Hall Walsall

My photography, this summer has been hampered by cloudy skies and rain. Next weekend, I hope to photograph a canal and narrowboat festival and so really need some better weather. The forecast is looking better. (more…)

Grey skies #photography


We had an afternoon taking photos yesterday, but conditions were far from ideal. We had cloudy skies all afternoon, but later in the afternoon a little sun broke through and I got this picture with an ISO of 400. (more…)

Grassroots civil society

Welcome to another Sunday ramble when I let you into the dustier pathways of my mind. No prizes for guessing what’s on my mind this morning. I’m out taking photographs again today and the weather is promising to be cloudy with sunny intervals. The colour of the sky is actually reflected down and and affects my photos. I often brighten up my photos to make them sunnier! (more…)

Bitter and twisted?

28 July 2015 Black Country (92)

My picture today is of the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal, we have a lot of canals in the Black Country. It looks like a very peaceful tranquil scene, but in Anglo Saxon times there were all kinds of dangers, including wolves. (more…)

Black Country pictures.

28 July 2015 Black Country (159)

I took this photo yesterday. As you can see, this is Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, or just ‘the bottle’ to the locals. Established in 1510, it’s the town’s oldest pub and quite possibly the oldest in the Black Country. I’m admin of the History of  Wednesbury Facebook Page, so I take an interest in local history. (more…)

Burlesque and art


I started with an artistic poster today for burlesque. Burlesque is artistic, it started in Europe and then caught on in the United States. It’s not serious art, it’s meant to be cheeky and it’s meant to be humorous. (more…)

Common-sense ideas #politics



I’m starting a new theme on my blog today. Common-sense ideas! I thought I would start with politics, because as we all know politicians have little common-sense and we have shed loads in the Black Country. (more…)

Biggin up the Black Country


Yes, we’re biggin’ up the Black Country with our Black Country Day, a Black Country Festival all through July and we even have our own Black Country flag.This is Black Country Gaz who started the whole thing, biggin’ it up last night at the Sportsman in Tipton. (more…)

Black Country Festival

The Black Country Festival goes on today, with more events all through the weekend. It was the funeral of the victims of the tragedy in Tunisia yesterday where three local people lost their lives. Yesterday was a day of sadness and reflection, but life goes on, even though for some it will never be the same again. (more…)

Weekend photo shoot

CARNIVAL 2015 weekend

Weekend shoot

I was taking photos all last weekend, at Wednesbury Carnival on Saturday and again on Sunday when there was a memorial horse drive from Tipton to Darlaston. It’s the Black Country Festival all this month and so I’ll be out next weekend too! It’s the Walsall town festival next weekend with even more events across the Black Country. (more…)

Kingys memorial drive


Kingys memorial drive

Horse owners from around the Black Country and beyond gathered on Sunday to remember one of their own. They called him Kingy and the drive each year is a tribute to him. It’s  Black Country Day today, so this post is appropriate. This is a tradition that lives on in the Black Country and is made even more special as Kingys memorial drive. (more…)

Free events #thrifty

free events

This week, I’ve done a price comparison between Aldi and my local convenience store. It’s unsurprising that Aldi was cheaper, using the local store would add around 20% to my shopping bill. For people without transport this could be a problem. (more…)

Festival in the park?

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I live in the Black Country; the heart of England. Today’s picture is of our Victorian park, with it’s traditional bandstand and not so traditional keep fit equipment and skateboard thingy. (more…)

History defines culture


I usually make pictures smaller so they will upload quickly to the internet, but this weekend I worked out a way of making digital images bigger, so I could see if there was any loss of definition. I made this map larger. (more…)

Carnival time #photography


You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blog this week and brought forward my photography post to Tuesday. I photographed Tipton Carnival on Sunday. The events season is well under way now and I can look forward to more carnivals, canal festivals and fun days. (more…)

Fun and finance #life

TIPTON CARNIVAL - fun and finance

Mike Maynard

I went to Tipton Carnival yesterday and took lots of photos, but others were there to have fun and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, with all the temptation of a carnival to spend money,  fun and finance are inextricably linked.


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