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The last post of 2016 #blogging

Another year of blogging draws to a close and I write the last post. It was an interesting year as I developed a role as a community writer and photographer. More photographer than writer. Maybe people will need my writing skills more in 2017 and if I’m lucky my art might be appreciated more. As 2016 ends I am framing photos and people actually want to buy them!

last post of 2016


Dinnertime at the pool

dinnertime at the pool


This is the other side of town, where Hyde’s Pool attracts lots of water birds like geese, ducks and coots. People go to feed them usually with bread. If a car stops and someone gets out, the birds think it’s dinnertime and often race each other to the food. The swan will compete with the geese and ducks and a flock of pigeons will descend to eat up any leftovers. (more…)

Newspaper – the Daily Post

picture of a church suitable for newspaper

I took this photo yesterday afternoon of St Margaret’s church in Walsall. It’s a beautiful church and the churchyard is in bloom with spring flowers. I uploaded some of my photos to my local newspaper. (more…)

Monday blues

GEESE edit

Yes, it’s Monday again and I have no desire to do anything. I often just have a day off from writing on a Monday, but today I am going to try yet again to add a Youtube video to my blog. (more…)

Focus on my blog #blogging


The focus for my blog this week was a night out at the town hall  where I took  pictures again. It was the mayor’s big charity night and raised money for the Acorn’s children’s hospice. I hope my efforts writing about events and taking photos will make them more popular. (more…)

Be like Mike #ramble

be like Mike

This is the latest Facebook craze. The ‘be like’ cards. I did my own, rather than have one made up for me. I do what I like… (more…)

Look to the future #ramble


I photographed this little shop just before Christmas. It’s called Une Vie Nouvelle. Many small businesses are struggling to compete with the big multinationals and so a bit of free publicity is a big help.  They do French and country inspired interiors which are in vogue right now. (more…)

Inspired creativity

1 wednesbury woodland

I tend to spend an hour or less writing an article each morning, but is that all there is to it? I might knock them out quite quickly, but there is hours of thought and inspiration first. Even the photography supports the writing, the opening image often helps me find the mood to write. Music  can help too. (more…)

Blogging every day

Friar Park Wednesbury

Some bloggers are professional and some are amateurs, but you must try to do your best whichever one you are. I’ve written about 10 blog posts or articles this week. My latest one was on WordPress and I chose something topical for my Sunday morning blog post. I had to do some research for that post.


How to start a blog


There are millions of bloggers around the world now, some are amateurs expressing their views and some are professional bloggers. If you’re going to start a blog, you have to compete with all of them. First of all decide why you want to write a blog. To have influence? To make money? Send out a message?


Child benefit: who should help whom?


There used to be an old lady living next door to me and one day she asked me to change her light bulb. She wasn’t tall enough and at 6ft 2” tall, I was tall enough. It is reasonable to expect me to help. Now a young family live next door. They have three children. Should I be expected to help them?


Never mind, its not the end of the world

Woden Road South July 2012 crop

Yesterday was the winter solstice and at midnight Mayan time it was the apocalypse. I didn’t have time for all that, I had internet problems. I found out this morning that one of my problems was Norton fire wall, it was blocking my attempts to log in to my router to see what was going on there. I’ve uninstalled Norton. I went back to using Avast!


Blogging ideas

MOON 3 009

I’ve used another moon picture to start today’s blog. On a Sunday, I either use a guest blog or I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind. Today I wrote my 600th blog on WordPress and I think that’s an achievement. It took over 2 years.


Soon be Christmas

PARK 016

The photo I’ve used today was taken last year. We haven’t had sunshine like that this year! The summer was constant rain and we haven’t had much sun for Autumn photography either. The colours are changing faster this year too. It’s only about 5 weeks before our winter starts and then Christmas! (more…)

Halloween help wanted

Sanna dark

I’ve started with a really spooky picture of Moorcroft Wood today because it’s Halloween. I’ve been building this website up since February and it’s been a struggle. It’s not just about writing, I also have to do publicity. I need help today with publicity.


A week of ideas to make life better

Pleck Park, 2012

The best laid plans don’t always go right. I was planning to devote most of my time to this website and slowly reduce the number of blogs I wrote on WordPress, but my WordPress blog was syndicated and I have a lot more subscribers on there than here! But I have still managed some good posts here this week and now there are more readers for a zillion ideas!


This week’s ideas…


We are having a little rain in England, in fact, I think it’s breaking records. I did get out a couple of times to take photos this week, but it was a little dark. Strangely, the sun felt hot one day, but the light wasn’t very good for photography. I wrote a few blogs and I am continuing to add to a zillion ideas! This site is only 5 months old and we have readers in 50 countries, so it could be worse. I hear of a British website selling for millions every year; I could be rich one day! If you would like to have a go at blogging, why not write a blog and send it to me at a Zillion Ideas? The email address is in the side bar >>> (more…)

Influence through blogging.

Tipton 059

If you read an article in a newspaper, you have no opportunity to put your views, but on a website you can; you can comment. Do they listen though? We bloggers do listen to comments and try our best to be interactive. sold this week for 87 million pounds and so there is hope for this website! I’ve had a WordPress blog on for nearly 2 years and I have posted over 400 blogs. That blog started off slow and I didn’t get any readers hardly for 6 months, this blog is doing much better with 100 posts and has a few readers. The site is only 4 months old and we have readers in 50 different countries, although most readers are in English speaking countries and obviously the top country is usually the UK. (more…)

How to write fiction – life inspires art.


Writing a work of fiction is producing a work of art and it needs inspiration. I went out taking photographs again yesterday and ended up at the lake in the picture photographing the wildlife. It hasn’t really inspired me to write but if you read any novel by a famous writer they appear to be inspired by what they see and the people they meet. If I wanted to write a story based in the English countryside, I would certainly spend some time there.  I read a novel not long ago set in a Yorkshire village and although I’ve never been to Yorkshire the description of the village was enough for me to imagine what it would be like. The image that the writer projects however is combined in my mind with everything else I know about Yorkshire villages. (more…)

Blogging | Be Positive


It snowed yesterday but that’s no reason for me to feel depressed. I saw it as a photo opportunity. Even after it had stopped and it was dark the light reflected off the snow to give me a good photograph. (more…)

Making a Start


This is my first blog on this site. I feel like those geese that I photographed the other day.  They were slipping all over the place and this site is like that until I figure it all out and configure it. I have to submit to search engines, deal with spam, get the header right and so on before I can start doing what I enjoy; actually writing! There’s no real hurry though!

Smile (more…)

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