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Last minute Christmas presents #thrifty

We know a few people will be looking around for last minute presents before the big day. A little luxury can be a good idea, so buy them something they would like but wouldn’t normally buy. I bought luxury chocolates in Aldi yesterday. I won’t say who they were for! They make a good last minute present and you don’t have to buy a huge box. The same applies to a quality scotch whisky or an unusual but quality ale.

last minute Christmas bargains


Resolutions and goals


I’m writing this on Boxing Day 2012 and this is a time to think about New Year Resolutions. We now have just five days to decide what we will resolve to do in 2013. It could be something we have always wanted to do or something new.


Surviving Christmas

The supermarkets where I live are very busy and people are stocking up on food and booze. I have had enquiries about Christmas openings, but most supermarkets don’t seem to have them on their websites yet. Usually they are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day; except for Asda who usually open on Boxing Day. I’ll do an update if I find out the opening times.


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