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Question Time? #finance

question time

I watched Question Time on the BBC last night and the politicians answering the questions trotted out the same party live cliques as usual. Not an original thought or idea between them. (more…)

Another midweek moan…

1 Vauxhall

I cleaned my car on Sunday. I know it’s not the latest one, it’s not even environmentally friendly. What’s the point of driving an environmentally friendly car and doing even more miles? I think they’re dangerous too. Someone drove into a tree near me the other day. He was declared dead at the scene. What now? An environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin? I need a nice solid car… (more…)

UK Budget 2012 | Alternative ideas?


Vasectomy allowance

George Osborne makes his budget speech tomorrow and I think he should introduce a special tax allowance for men who have just had vasectomies. It makes sense! It would be a long term investment. Do you remember when people in the UK queued up to get married at this time of year so they would get a tax rebate? We could have men queuing to get vasectomies in March if there was a decent tax rebate as an incentive. Then a couple of years down the line there would be less demand for nursery school places, then less infant school places and it goes on and on! In 18 years would we need less universities? (more…)

Finance Friday | Budgeting

Money - Seeing the future

Budget 2012

I learned this morning how many people read my blog and in which countries; I was surprised to learn in how many different countries. I have to be honest there were a few, that were unfamiliar! In the UK, later this month, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will present his budget for the coming year. We too have to budget and be careful with our money wherever we live in the world. This is a matter of understanding money and setting priorities; essentials are more important that luxuries and then keeping proper accounts.


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