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Frugal February savings #thrifty #frugal

We can save a little money here and there all year around. I recently bought a new phone after dropping mine trying to donate to the local food bank. I found the phone I wanted at Giff Giff for £120 less than I would have paid at Amazon or local retailers. £120 saving is a lot! I put that on my credit card and also on this month’s bill was the renewal on the web space for this site! I negotiated a discount of over £100 on that too. I still have a huge credit card bill to pay this month, but I saved £220 on my frugal February credit card bill!

Frugal February


Should we tax the rich with a luxury rate of VAT?

Money - Seeing the future

Towards a fairer tax system.

There are three rates of VAT in the UK, zero for some foods, newspapers, children’s clothes, etc.; 8% on energy and 20% on most everything else. Should we have a luxury rate for the rich? How would it work? How can we define a luxury? Is luxury toilet roll, impregnated with aloe vera; a luxury or just bog standard?


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