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Experiments in photography #photography

Once a month we have an evening of spoken word, poetry and music in Wednesbury library and I’m allowed to photograph the performers. It is a great opportunity for me to experiment and see if I can take photos in fluorescent light without a flash and learn how high I can take the ISO up without getting noise. I’ve also done experiments with video. The monthly event is on the last Tuesday of each month and at the end of March, I experimented with wide apertures, spot focusing and monochrome.

experiments in photography


Pre-loved savings #thrifty


Pre-loved is the modern term for used items that have been looked after by their previous owners and covers everything from baby clothes to well-maintained cars. Lots of goods are available online these days and it can be worth checking out local buy and sell groups on Facebook as well as Ebay. (more…)

Pre-loved and used.

There is a lot less stigma to buying used goods these days and most people buy used cars. You can obviously get a bargain if you know what to look for and where. Even clothes and furniture can be found at great prices. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Vehicles

Motor Show 065

If you read yesterday’s blog with it’s lovely picture of a Ferrari, you’ll know I took photos of historic vehicles at a show on Sunday. These shows provide a wealth of subjects for photographers. I want my photos landscape (wider than high) for my blogs. That means including a lot more on the photo than the bus in this picture. The other problem was people wandering around and into the shots! (more…)

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