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This week in review

Red House Park

I usually start each blog with a photo and today I have chosen one of Redhouse Park. I took a similar picture to this last winter and I didn’t feel well at the time and the light was bad. The photo needed lightening and turned out reasonable well. It was better than this one taken in summer, but the light wasn’t great in August either. The weather forecast for this weekend is better though and so I might go to Sandwell Valley yet again!


Frugal Food | Chicken and celery soup

SOUP 027

I’ve made this soup a couple of times and it’s a thin soup that you can dip toasted bread into and has a unique flavour. It is very frugal when the celery is in season and doesn’t need much chicken. (more…)

The Frugal diet | calorie free water

SOUP 027

There are few calories in fibre and so high fibre foods are healthy and will help in a weight loss diet. Water has no calories and will help give you a feeling of being full. Fruit and vegetables have a lot of fibre and a high water content. I cooked the chicken and celery soup in the picture yesterday and it was both high fibre, packed full of vitamins and contained a lot of water. It also tasted yummy! (more…)

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