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Imagine an image #ramble

I write a lot and post images of the town I live in and the Black Country. I try to promote the area in a positive way. I know it’s shallow just to judge people and places by the way they look, but that is what many people do. First impressions are important as young people going out looking for a job know. (more…)

Gold stars and brownie points


If we did well in class when I was a child we would have gold stars or silver stars stuck in our exercise books at the end of our work. We would rather have had something more  tangible, like a bar of chocolate, but a gold star was an event; it was an achievement. It was an emotional reward. (more…)

Psychology: conditioning

The way that we comb our hair as children is said to have a effect on it for life. We can condition our hair to part in a certain way. Our beliefs and behaviour are conditioned as children too. Events and conversations in our lives condition us to believe positive and negative things about ourselves and our world.


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