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Christmas events in the community #Wednesbury

I had a busy day yesterday with more Christmas events. I always write my blog post of course and did my photography post before lunch and then off to the town hall to photograph the Christmas lunch for the older and wiser members of the Wednesbury community.

Christmas events


Are we all equal? #philosophy

We are all different, some of us are smarter and some of us are stronger. We all have positive attributes and negative attributes. There is a tendency to infer that some people are inferior because they haven’t yet found what their attribute is. Some people are regarded as inferior because of the social class they were born into, some people are even regarded as inferior because of the colour of their skin. Shouldn’t we all be treated as equal?

Are we all equal?


Memories of 2015 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual on a Sunday, I let you into the inner sanctum of my mind and share a few thoughts. Today’s photo is of the Midland Metro that runs from Birmingham to Wolverhampton.  It was freezing when I took this shot last January, but it turned out quite well. (more…)

Bank Holiday Monday Blues

Bank Holiday

I’ve photographed a few events this year. We had nice weather for the carnival and for the Black Country Festival that lasted all through July.  I don’t think I’ll be taking photos today; it’s bank holiday and so obviously it’s raining. The council organised Sandwell Show will be on, for the second day. (more…)

Another interesting week



If you read my blogs, you’ll know I had a hospital appointment. It’s only three miles  to the Manor hospital. Over the humps, past a few mini roundabouts, then negotiate a wide main road that they have made  narrower with traffic calming measures. There is even a bus stop out in the road. Arriving at the hospital I drove as close to the car park ticket machine as I could and going over the first hump leaned out to press the button. Grabbing my ticket, I went over more humps through the barrier, which had by now lifted and through the maze of a car park to park close to the machine where you actually pay.


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