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Merry Christmas

It is Christmas Day and I’m writing a post on my blog. I suppose I should be doing something else like spending time with family but that will be in a couple of days. I don’t mind spending time alone, it gives me time to think and discover new ideas.

Merry Christmas


Christmas Eve thoughts #ramble

It is Sunday morning but its a bit different this week because it’s Christmas Eve so I’ll share my Christmas Eve thoughts with you! There is a hill near my house on which stand two churches and where legend says that there was once a castle built by Ethelfleda the warrior princess. Before the Saxons came to Britain it is said that a Druid shrine stood there and sacrifices were made to the Druid gods, even human sacrifices. One thing I have learnt in my life is that we are all driven by the need to survive, just the same as the rest of the animal kingdom. We sometimes have strange ideas on how to survive but survival is still a powerful driving force. Some people call the winter solstice the beginning of winter and others call it the midwinter solstice. For those ancient people, it was the beginning of an annual fight for survival. They were the hunter-gatherers and they would probably have sacrificed a wild boar to celebrate the winter solstice but only because it would be their last decent meal until spring arrived with a fresh supply of food.

Christmas snow


Preparing for Christmas #thrifty

Like most people, I’m preparing for Christmas and buying presents and food for guests. There is a temptation at Christmas to spend more than is necessary because we often feel ashamed that we can’t provide our family with the best. The best Christmas is one that will be remembered, so if you can’t afford expensive gifts, give your family a Christmas to remember by decorating the house and organising little events that will make it warm and memorable.

 preparing for Christmas


Interest rate rise? #Thrifty #Frugal

With just 59 days to Christmas, many pundits are predicting an interest rate rise next week. The sensible thing to do would be to wait until January but how often have we heard of people being made redundant and other heartless decisions being made just before Christmas? An interest rate rise could mean higher mortgage repayment costs as well as interest rate hikes on loans and credit cards.

Will interest rates rise next week?


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