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Frugal Friday: Value Added Christmas

Xmas Money

How can we save money at Christmas? It’s an expensive time of year, with Christmas gifts and celebrations to buy for. We can add value to our gifts by wrapping them well and making them look good. (more…)

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Xmas 3

I consider Charles Dickens as one of the greatest writers that ever lived. Many of his books have been turned into movies. Traditionally, A Christmas Story is shown at Christmas on British television. It has a message, as all Dickens’ stories did.


Surviving Christmas

The supermarkets where I live are very busy and people are stocking up on food and booze. I have had enquiries about Christmas openings, but most supermarkets don’t seem to have them on their websites yet. Usually they are closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day; except for Asda who usually open on Boxing Day. I’ll do an update if I find out the opening times.


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