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Christmas Eve 2012


This was the view out of my bedroom window, the week before Christmas a couple of years ago. Many people are thinking of enjoying Christmas today, but they are still out shopping. Then it’s time to stay at home with the family. Christmas is a special time for children, they are enjoying their first magical Christmases.


The Christmas short story


My Christmas short story is finished, at last! You can read it by clicking Christmas short story. I shall be reminding you to check that out again over Christmas. Please comment and tell me what you think of it. Did you find it funny? I shall be blogging all over the Christmas so please pop in and check the posts out. There is also the comment box, if you feel the need to share Christmas greetings!

Summer time ends, winter drawers on!

The Manor Hospital Walsall

Last Autumn, I uploaded this picture and a few that I had taken in Merrion’s Wood as entries to a photographic contest at the hospital. I didn’t win, but I was a finalist. I went to the presentation at the new hospital and even got a certificate from the mayor. Sorry the picture is in black and white, that’s a technical error I can’t be bothered to fix. 


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