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Taste and honesty #life


I must admit I find it hard to join in with the spirit of Christmas, but I am trying to make more of an effort. I’m not religious, but I still went to photograph the Christmas tree festival in the local church. (more…)

Gaining experience #photography


Mindful Gifts – Darlaston

To become good at anything you need to gain experience and photography is no exception. I need more experience photographing events and I’ve done a few this year. This event was the opening of a Mindful Gifts shop in Darlaston. I wanted to show the shop and capture images of the event too.  (more…)

Value for money #thrifty

Being thrifty isn’t about buying cheap stuff, it’s about getting value for money. Expensive designer clothing is made in the same low-wage countries as the budget clothing. Food might be marked as value, but it might a little less perfect than the more expensive line. You have to use your own judgement when shopping around. (more…)

Santa on social media #Christmas

DSC_0217 (Copy)

This week I’ve photographed a Christmas lunch for the elderly and when Santa’s sleigh passed by my house, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. The pictures of both events went out quickly on Facebook and helped promote the events. It raised awareness so people feel like it’s Christmas. It has added to all the other Christmas promotions too. (more…)

Wednesbury Celebrates Christmas lunch


I photographed a Christmas lunch yesterday that was laid on by our local community organisation ‘Wednesbury Celebrates’ for older people. A press photographer took some pictures too, but my purpose was quite different. I wanted pictures that promoted the charity and the event. (more…)

Smart bombs or smart phones #finance

The British parliament voted this week to extend bombing to Syria and the FTSE 100 dropped two percentage points the next day. Coincidence? Not likely.  We can invest in bombs and bullets or we can invest in building things that will benefit humanity. I would prefer to invest in research to cure cancer. (more…)

The spirit of Christmas? #ramble


I went out into Wednesbury, the town I live in and photographed the ‘Christmas’ lights last night. This is the town ‘square’, the lights are a little hard to spot. They are better than last year too, but not good enough. (more…)

Chilling thoughts #ramble

Welcome to another Sunday ramble when I allow you into the inner sanctum of my mind to see what’s down those dusty pathways lurking but not doing very much. This week, I’m thinking about photography.  There will be Christmas events to photograph, but I want something for this afternoon. (more…)

Creating an image #life

This is Noddy Holder, a national treasure and a local hero, here in the Black Country. He made a name for himself, not to mention the money and brought us a new brand of entertainment. I often wonder, what makes a celebrity? (more…)

Autumn money savers #thrifty

Autumn started yesterday and I made my first autumn stew. They have the stew packs in Aldi now and all those carrots will help us see in the dark in the coming months! It’s getting quite chilly now and so we need warming foods. (more…)

A Black Country Christmas in pictures

Horse owners at the Frying Pan

I have taken so many pictures this year that it’s hard to choose which to use for my Christmas posts. Today I’m using a lot I shot in the Black Country this year. This one was taken at the Frying Pan in Darlaston in July. (more…)

Photography: December pictures


These first photos show how scenes can change. Moorcroft Pool is in Moorcroft Wood at Moxley here in the Black Country. In March 2003 it was losing it’s water, but by March 2004 the water was covering the new bench. (more…)

Photography: Christmas pictures

Town Christmas tree

Christmas tree

I took this picture of the town’s Christmas tree last week and to make it twinkle more I used a 4 point star filter.I bought a set of filters, a soft focus filter, a warm filter and this 4 point star filter. You can get filters for a lot of cameras, but you have to buy the right size.  (more…)

Noddy comes home to Walsall

Noddy Holder at the Manor (92)

Noddy Holder came home to Walsall yesterday to switch on the Christmas Lights at the Manor Hospital. Pete Smith, the Mayor of Walsall was there too. It was one of the kids from the children’s ward that helped Noddy to switch on the lights. As usual, the press photographers were there. (more…)

Frugal Friday: Value Added Christmas

Xmas Money

How can we save money at Christmas? It’s an expensive time of year, with Christmas gifts and celebrations to buy for. We can add value to our gifts by wrapping them well and making them look good. (more…)

Photography: Gareth Gates Photo shoot

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 (3)

If you  read my blog post at the weekend, you’ll know I did a photo shoot on Friday when the Christmas Lights were switched on by Gareth Gates. This first photo was fairly easy and I could take my time getting the camera setting right. I chose a fast setting of 1/30 of second and a high ISO (3200) and a wide aperture.


Life: diversity

Do you remember Christmas when you were a kid? I still remember the things associated with Christmas. We had tangerines at Christmas, now it’s satumas. Whatever happened to tangerines? We had nativities at school and we learnt Christmas carols. Childhood is about learning, the knowledge we gain  is the foundation of our lives. (more…)

Gareth Gates turns them on

Wednesbury Christmas Lights 2014 - crowds

The crowds turned out in the cold last night to listen to Gareth Gates perform and then turn on Wednesbury’s Christmas Lights. Those are Festive Lights for the more politically correct or Holiday Lights if you’re from over the pond… (more…)

Photography: more night shots

It’s the official switch-on of our Christmas lights on Friday and I want to be there again to take photographs. I made this image, to promote it a little, with PhotoScape. (more…)

Its nearly Christmas

Wednesbury Christmas

I’m starting to think about Christmas, like many other people. I have to get presents and food for guests. I’ll also be out taking photos, like this one I took last year. I know, our Christmas lights are a bit pathetic. (more…)

Neodigital Art: Christmas Images

Merry Xmas sepia

I have begun with a Christmas image today, being as it’s Christmas Eve. Winter is just beginning and I will probably be taking pictures of snow in a few weeks time. I took this one last year of the local church and I edited out a lamp post that was in the way! Then I added the text in PhotoScape. (more…)

Psychology: Christmas beliefs

Merry X edit

Christmas is a religious festive, but it is also a feast at the beginning of winter for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. Our ancestors would have had a winter feast storing up body fat before the lean hungry months of winter. This would have been before Christianity came to Britain or most of the world. (more…)

Perceptions and aspirations

Black Country at night edit

I am very aware of how people’s perceptions can be manipulated by words and images, but I still have more questions than answers. People aspire to be better and more than they are; this is why the human race is so successful. We are never content with our lot, we always want more. We are always searching for something, we are always on an adventure; even though we know it will all be for nothing in the end. The one certainty about life, is that no one gets out alive.


Neodigital Christmas Creations

111 color art

My first image today took me about an hour to edit. This street photograph was taken in the early evening and it was quite dark. I’ve used the gradient border again, but made the whole picture lighter using the bloom option and the region (out of focus) option gives me a lot of tools to do something creative with.


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