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Is climate change taking us to the edge of extinction?

I’m not a climate change denier nor am I about to take to the streets and protest. This week the West Midland Combined Authority announced it wanted to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040. An ambitious and ill-thought out plan. Diesel cards do pollute more and we could stop selling new ones and we could ban all engines over 2 litres in all but specialist vehicles. That would be a step in the right direction and that is what we need, small steps in the right direction not wide ranging policies that will never be implemented or ever work.


Climate change forcing economic change?

Climate - Economic Change

Capitalism seemed to be dominant and was being adopted at least partially by communist countries, until capitalism itself began to crack under the strain. It seems the western capitalist model is unsustainable. The communist model is similarly unsustainable, but what will force a change in culture? (more…)

Sunday thoughts

Spring flowers along the River Tame

I wonder sometimes about politicians, they never seem to have an original idea. Labour is now formulating policies with 99  weeks to go to the general election. They seem to be planning to do the same as the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition. More cuts and more clueless action…


Is the climate really changing?


In the UK, the weather does appear to be changing and becoming more unstable. This time last year I was wearing a tee shirt and many people were sunbathing on the beaches. This year, we have snow and there is little sign of Spring.


Weather, we like it or not

Sandwell 006

We British do tend to be a bit obsessed with the weather. We talk about it a lot, it’s either too hot or too cold. Too dry causing a bloody drought or raining persistently. Whether we like it or not, we can’t control the weather. With the rain we have had this summer; I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that some mad scientist hadn’t been having a go at weather control.  He probably got a grant to try to  make it rain in Manchester, but not in London. It seems to have gone wrong…


How green are you?


I often write a blog on a Sunday morning, usually as lunch cooks. It’s a little early for lunch, I’m trying to do things early so I can go shopping and take photographs this afternoon. I usually write about whatever is on my mind on a Sunday. Today, it’s photography obviously, but I’m also curious as to what those flowers are in the picture. They’re growing by the pool and all down the side of the river. What are they called? Any idea? My readers are usually very helpful when it comes to identifying flowers, trees and my geological finds. (more…)

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