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Impressions and style


I had some photos printed yesterday and framed some of them. It seems to show them off better now they are framed. Some of them will be mounted on card for a photography competition. Whatever you’re doing to helps to show things at their best. People used to wear their ‘Sunday best’ to church. (more…)

Mirrors to your soul

When we look in the mirror, do we really see what we look like? I imagine when early man went to collect water on a sunny day, he would have been fascinated by his own reflection in the water. It  probably inspired the invention of the comb! Things like combing our hair or washing can improve our appearance. (more…)

Affordable ways to treat yourself

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A Nice Meal

It’s nice to have a meal out and it saves cooking, but how long does it take to do a gourmet meal like a salad using king prawns; a few minutes! You can add a handful of chips if you need to. All you need is a few king prawns, pink salmon out of a tin, ice berg lettuce, fresh tomatoes and a choice of pickle and maybe salad cream. The great thing  is, it’s cold and so ideal to take on a picnic! Now all you need is someone to share it with! (more…)

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