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Improv comedy

by Fairy Dharawat

Why you should do ‘Improv’ comedy?



What is ‘Improv’ comedy?

Wikipedia says, “is a form of theatre where most or all of what is performed is created at the moment it is performed, with little or no pre-planning.”


How to write fiction | Inspired comedy

Manor hospital

Comedy fiction is the most popular, we all like to laugh but it’s also the hardest to write. I was writing guest blogs in 2010 and had an appointment at the hospital. The evening before, I had watched the film, ‘The Island’ on TV. The film is about a community that has a lottery to win a trip to an island. In reality, their community is in a futuristic building in the desert and the island doesn’t exist. Two members of the community escape through the ventilation system and go on to find out the truth. They are actually clones, being kept so their organs can be harvested. When they win the lottery, they leave to have their organs harvested, not some paradise island. I went to the new futuristic hospital the  day after watching that film; this was inspiration! (more…)

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