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Shopping with Colours



A guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

As marketing products plays a pivotal role in garnering profits, our world has seen some interesting marketing strategies to lure shoppers. Until now we have seen some great and not so great marketing gimmicks that have shaped the world of marketing today. All this has but one point to make and one statement to make; to be different and to increase sales. Increasing sales involves buying and buying is done by shoppers. The shopper, when they buy, becomes a consumer. The consumer is what every retailer and brand wants their shoppers to be; loyal consumers. This does not happen often and many theories have been written about this. The whole purpose of marketing is to get the product off the shelf and this is the motive behind the marketing budget planned by the board of directors of huge companies; some get lucky, some do not. What really goes on in the mind of a shopper when they buy? Many theories have been written and today we will discuss one of them. (more…)

Consumer behaviour decoded

A Guest blog by Fairy Dharawat

According to Wikipedia, “Understanding consumer behaviour is the study of when, why, how, and where people do or do not buy a product.”


Why should you, a small time business owner want to know about this?

As if a regular business owner is not daunted with many responsibilities, this study seems redundant and anyway, there are many small businesses who have been there; done that. These small time businesses are still healthily surviving. (more…)

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