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Finance Friday: What recovery?

Money - picture of pounds sterling

We are told the UK economy is recovering and doing well. All I see is increasing poverty. People are having their benefits stopped, losing their homes and queuing at food banks. More people are using the discount supermarkets and Poundland. Is this just a recovery for the rich? The champagne and strawberries crowd at Wimbledon? The Royal Ascot lot in their finery? (more…)

The mid-week Moan

Lake and river 001

What can I write about today? I can always moan about something…. I was reminded of buying my first computer in the 1980’s this morning. I learned how to use a word processor and I learnt some B.A.S.I.C programming. Remember B.A.S.I.C? Then Windows came out and it all got too complicated… (more…)

The Victorian legacy of wealth.

Money - Seeing the future

Near where I live there is a Victorian Art gallery and museum. A few miles away there are new ones, modern boxes, iconic buildings that cost tens of millions. My little Victorian gallery only opens a few hours a week. There are also canals that were built in the Victorian era, some before that. The railways are Victorian and some of the stations are still being used. There are still a lot of houses and other Victorian buildings around too.


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