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Creating art #64millionartists #Januarychallenge

I have been doing the 64 Million artists January challenges with a new challenge every day. Yesterday, I created art from fruit. I used photography, of course! These challenges are about being creative and to some extent to being brave and not care too much about what people think of your creations. Creating art with fruit wasn’t too difficult. I came up this:

creating art


Developing your art #photography

It has been about 10 years since I decided to take up photography and only 4 years with a DSLR so I’m not an expert but I think of myself as an artist now. I strive for images that will inspire others. I know now it isn’t the camera that decides whether an image is inspiring or not. I have taken prize-winning photographs with my cheap bridge camera and I have some great photos I’ve taken with a DSLR. I want to do more than taking snaps, however. I want art. I want big prints for people to look at and be inspired by. It costs money and it also costs money for expensive lenses. For now, I just try to recognise the shots and experiment with different lenses. I like to shoot with a wide aperture now to get my subjects into sharp focus.

An image to inspire


Neodigital Art | Creating art

The Public edit

Neodigital Art is about editing photos to create art and so I think it’s appropriate that I used this photo for an edit. This was from a shot of The Public arts centre in West Bromwich. I think it looks artistic. The editing was with PhotoScape.


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