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Does creative thinking need a purpose? #art

I’ve been thinking about creativity and art in general. I want to use my photography more effectively. Art can be like science, it can be for a specific purpose or it can be like blue sky research. You can just create for the sake of seeing what the result might be. Even creative thinking can be like blue sky research going off at tangents until a particular tangent looks like it is leading somewhere. The search for something new can be quite random.

creative thinking


Creative thinking about life #creative

Usually, on a Thursday, I write a post about being thrifty and saving money but it is quite easy these days to shop around and get the best price by using the internet. There is lots of advice on the net about saving money, too. When I started this blog I decided to make it more like a magazine than a blog about my life and the things I do. I have decided to make it more like a blog now and write more from experience. I employ a lot of creative thinking in my life so that will make a better subject for my blog.

creative thinking about money


Psychology | Creativity and blogging

I write a blog post every Monday about psychology. I don’t do extensive research for most of my posts, I rely on being creative. The mind works differently when we’re being creative. We tend to solve problems by analysing the problem logically, but to find a solution we often need to be creative.


Imagination and creativity


I took this photograph on Sunday of the Ridgacre canal. Not very pretty is it? But look again and use your imagination. What would it look like in summer? If the canal was cleaned out and fish added and then a waterfront cafe built and some other features, would you visit? How about apartments overlooking the waterfront?


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