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Creativity and the creative industry #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? In a word, creativity. We set up a new writer’s group yesterday; The Darlaston Writer’s Group. It will hopefully encourage people to take an interest in writing and help them improve their craft. We now have a strong creative industry in the UK. It is needed because although we have goods that can be mass-produced relatively inexpensively, no one will buy them without advertising and marketing. That industry needs creative people who can write and produce visually appealing images and video. Some goods that are sold are now manufactured for a small percentage of the retail price, the rest goes on creating an image that makes the goods desirable.

creativity means creating images


Creative opportunities for everyone? #culture

Wednesbury art gallery

Living in the Black Country, all I seemed to hear about when I was young was the industry. Now I hear a lot about creativity and art. We used to make steel tubes here and all sorts of products that supported the motor industry and the building industry. The Black Country was an important part of a nation that was industrious. We made things. (more…)

Getting creative for health #life

1 artistic edit

Today’s picture is an artistic edit of one of the photographs that I took on Sunday. I wish I could have done stuff like this when I was younger. Technology has given us the tools to become much more creative. (more…)

Rebelling again the Bourgeois #art

I’ve always been fascinated by Bohemianism and the concept that made people rebel against convention. The original bohemians weren’t poor but wanted the pleasures and the freedoms enjoyed by the poor. (more…)

Inside the mind of a writer

Inside the mind


I think writers start off young, they are dreamers. They say that most writers who write fiction begin by being day dreamers as children. All children have the time to daydream and to imagine all sorts of things. So I suppose all children have the potential to become some kind of writer. (more…)

Creative thinking? #creative

creative thinking


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

We all have imagination, so we can all be creative. Right? (more…)

What is art in 2015?


I’ve been thinking about art today. What is art? The dictionary defines art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” (more…)

Creativity and learning

Artistic edit of a image

Today’s picture was taken in a place I often go and I’ve taken similar images many times. This time, I did something different, I used a filter and edited the picture differently to create art. Learning is about repetition, we keep practising until we have perfected the skill. (more…)

Analogies, perceptions and phenomenon

DSC_0209 (Copy)

‘No smoke without fire’ is an analogy. If you see smoke coming from a building, you assume it’s on fire. It is an analogy used in a negative context; usually by negative people. (more…)

Psychology: Imaginary friends

Many children have imaginary friends to help them cope with the world they live in. Often their imaginary friends help them cope with loneliness. Children play and that is about imagining all kinds of things. They have tea parties with imaginary tea, imaginary sugar, imaginary milk and imaginary friends. (more…)

Imagination and creativity


I took this photograph on Sunday of the Ridgacre canal. Not very pretty is it? But look again and use your imagination. What would it look like in summer? If the canal was cleaned out and fish added and then a waterfront cafe built and some other features, would you visit? How about apartments overlooking the waterfront?


Neodigital Art | Creativity

The Milky Pool

Neodigital Art is about creating a work of art using a digital device. That device could be a phone with a camera, a digital camera or a scanner. I used a digital camera for this picture, but I have also drawn pictures with a pen, coloured them with felt tip pens and then scanned them. After scanning your picture you can then edit it with photo editing software. (more…)

Psychology |motivation

Moorcroft Wood

If we compare humans to robots, we see that humans are motivated; robots just do as they’re told by us humans.  Our motives can seem complicated, but our motivation for doing most things is quite primitive. We eat to avoid hunger, but in order to eat we would have had to hunt and forage at one time; now we go to the shops. We have a basic need to keep warm, it’s part of our survival instinct and so we shop for clothes. We have an instinct that seems to make us explore and ask questions because this ability makes it much easier for us to survive. (more…)

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