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Look to the future #ramble


I photographed this little shop just before Christmas. It’s called Une Vie Nouvelle. Many small businesses are struggling to compete with the big multinationals and so a bit of free publicity is a big help.  They do French and country inspired interiors which are in vogue right now. (more…)

Close up with a wide aperture #photography

close up

I’m not sure if the lady on this narrowboat would be pleased with this photograph of not. I think people would be able to recognise her from the photo and that’s what is needed when photographing events. (more…)

Sunday thoughts


I’ve photographed a few events this year. The carnivals, the cricket match and fun days. I think I might have wore myself out, literally. I had my hip joint repaired 12 years ago and I might have worn it out already. (more…)

Scene modes at events #photography

CARNIVAL 2015 (390)

At events, you often have to capture the action quickly. You don’t have time to fiddle around with camera settings. Then the camera ‘scene’ modes won’t give you a great photo, but they are usually good enough. I used the sport setting for this shot. It gave me a wide aperture and fast shutter speed. (more…)

Quintessentially English

I like narrow-boats, they seem to be quintessentially English. I’m not too keen on cricket, but the thought of sitting on the porch of a pavilion on a summers day watching the cricket on the village green appeals to me. I watched a bowls match once from the porch of the pavilion in the park. It was an emotional experience akin to watching paint dry; but I liked the tranquillity.  (more…)

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