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Deals on big items #Black-Friday #thrifty

There are lots of deals on big items around this week. The more expensive the item, the bigger the reduction in many cases. The online Black Friday deals appear to be the more attractive ones with popular online retailers Amazon who tend to lead the race to take your money.

Black Friday deals on big items


Black Friday deals all week #thrifty #UK

Black Friday in the UK lasts for a week or more and there are deals everywhere. US-based companies are used to this annual promotion and so they lead the way. The biggest is Amazon who has offers on a wide range of goods.

Black Friday


Whats The Deal With Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A featured  post by Lily Donaldson (Lily is a writer in the United States)

Are They Too Good To Be True…?

Black Friday, a US shopping tradition is something that is now filtering through to the UK. It’s seen as the real start to Christmas shopping across the pond and typically starts the day after Thanksgiving has concluded. This year, in the UK, it begins on November 28th. Cyber Monday is the shopping event that takes place solely online on the Monday after this (confused yet?) so in the UK, it will occur this year on 1st December. (more…)

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