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Taste and honesty #life


I must admit I find it hard to join in with the spirit of Christmas, but I am trying to make more of an effort. I’m not religious, but I still went to photograph the Christmas tree festival in the local church. (more…)

We dont always get what we deserve in life

wheelchair or sports car

Maybe the kid in the wheelchair in this picture is happy and the guys in the sports cars are unhappy; but I doubt it. We don’t always get what we deserve in life. We can be born disabled, sick or we can just be born into a dysfunctional family. It is so much better to be born into privilege, education and money. Life sucks for so many people and the ones in the sports cars tend to have a ‘I’m alright Jack attitude’.


What is Art?


I photographed this painting in Walsall Art gallery on Sunday. It’s not one I would give house room. There were some simple drawings by famous artists that I would have liked to take home with me. Why? Because they showed talent. They got the shapes they were drawing to represent what they were seeing. I don’t see much in this picture.


Neodigital Art | Inspired

Damien Hirst

On Sunday I went to the New Art Gallery in Walsall to look at some works by Damien Hirst and others. This was one of his better pictures! I try to create art with digital devices, Damien Hirst favours a chainsaw and formaldehyde. There was works by more conventional artists on display.


Leadership and Art

Walsall Art Gallery

I usually post a guest blog on a zillion ideas and write a blog for my WordPress blog on a Sunday. This week I have to write two blogs and later I hope to visit the art gallery in the picture. They have a Damien Hirst exhibition. I am going to see the suspended sheep preserved in formaldehyde. They hope to spend a quarter of a million soon trying to attract the Turner prize to the gallery.


More amazing ideas to think about


We all need to make money as individuals and collectively. We need to create wealth as a nation too. I saw the same old garbage trotted out this week when someone suggested Britain needs to manufacture more because that’s ‘real wealth’. So when pop stars sell millions of pounds worth of albums, that’s not ‘real wealth’? (more…)

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