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Christmas countdown #Wednesbury

We have the Christmas Lights switch-on on Friday with Dayton Grey and there will be fundraising for Sam’s Dream. Click the poster below to bring it up larger to see all the attractions.



Graphic design using PhotoScape

I’ve been using PhotoScape to do some graphic design to publicise a few events. It is fairly easy and very effective. You can not only tell people about your event but show them the location with a picture. Today, I’m doing a photo shoot to raise money for Birmingham’s Children’s Hospital and so designed a graphic to publicise it.

Photo shoot - graphic design


My DSLR checklist #photography


Airline pilots use a checklist before they take off to ensure that they follow the correct procedure and the use of checklists are now favoured by doctors and surgeons as part of their preparations. I used a checklist to prepare for my photo-shoot of a local Fun day in Darlaston at the weekend.

Libby Robbins and Stephanie Rees

This is Libby and Stephanie who hosted the fun day and raised money for the Rainbow Child Foundation. I expected most of my pictures to be close-up wide aperture shots of people, like this one.


Envy and other emotions #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I invite you into the dustier corners of my mind as I share my thoughts once again. I have a few aches and pains this morning because the pills I was relying on didn’t arrive. I did manage to take a few photos yesterday, despite everything.

Envy ?


Black Country places #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my innermost thoughts and allow you into the innermost chambers of my mind. These are sacred places that even I’m still discovering. What’s on my mind this morning?

Black Country places


Summer in the Black Country #Wednesbury

I was going to write some satire this morning, but I get asked questions about Wednesbury and the Black Country so I’ll give you a glimpse of what it’s like in pictures.

Black Country


Weekend events #photography

I photographed two, weekend events starting in Darlaston with the Summer Fayre at Rough Hay Community Centre and then on Sunday a Black Country event when horse owners gathered for an annual memorial drive that took them towards Wolverhampton  and the ‘Merry Boys on the Willenhall road. I’m not too sure where it went after that!



Darlaston summer

It’s Sunday morning and so I’m writing another, make it up as you go along, post. I went to Rough Hay Community Centre in Darlaston yesterday and photographed their summer fayre. There is no place in the country like Darlo, half the town is owned by the local slum-lord.



Enjoy life, really?

enjoy life - bluebells

Should young people get lessons on how to enjoy life when they are at school? I don’t mean endless partying or always being on holiday but choosing a career that suits them and one they will enjoy. There are many people that enjoy their work, from gardeners to doctors, but there are also doctors who are obviously in the wrong job and take it out on their patients. (more…)

Can photo-blogging improve a community?

I went to a creative meeting last week and on the way home noticed there were no cars parked outside the Black Horse and took the opportunity to photograph it at night. Lots of pubs have closed down in the Black Country but this one is doing well because it’s run well. (more…)

Community blogger and photographer

SUNDAY 13 MAR 2016 (8)

Over the past few years I have slowly become a community blogger and photographer and since starting a Facebook page for A Zillion Ideas, I have been taking it more seriously. I’m now sharing art and music via Facebook as well as words and photographs. I am now asked to write for the community and organisations ask to use my photographs. (more…)

Photographing buildings #photography

1 Queens Head

If you’re just starting to take up photography, then try photographing interesting buildings. You can think more about taking the photo and less about the settings. I took this photo of the Queen’s Head in Wednesbury on a sunny day, so it’s a nice bright photo. (more…)

Come visit the Black Country!

It’s Sunday morning and so time for another Sunday ramble from deep in the Black Country. The Black Country doesn’t really have a good reputation. The dark picture above is what people expect to see when they imagine the Black Country. They imagine industry  and workers, but it has changed. (more…)

Gaining experience #photography


Mindful Gifts – Darlaston

To become good at anything you need to gain experience and photography is no exception. I need more experience photographing events and I’ve done a few this year. This event was the opening of a Mindful Gifts shop in Darlaston. I wanted to show the shop and capture images of the event too.  (more…)

Darlaston Fun Day #photography


I photographed a fun day at Darlaston Conservative Club yesterday. I was shooting towards the sun for this photo and that’s never a good idea. It was cloudy, but the sun did come out quite often. It was quite a harsh light and not very flattering for photos. I decided on a warm filter and that worked well. (more…)

Posters, postcards and flags

Darlaston Fun Day 2015

I designed this poster last night for something to do. It was quite easy, but I did make a mistake and then saved it. Mistakes are easy to correct, before you’ve saved, but not after! I managed to correct the post code. (more…)

Carnival – preparing for a photo shoot.

horses at the frying pan (34)

When you’re preparing for a photo shoot, you need information about the location and what you’re going to be photographing. Next weekend I’ll be at Wednesbury carnival on Saturday and then on Sunday I’ll be photographing a drive with horses, carts and traps touring around a few pubs. (more…)

Capturing the light #photography

HORSE AND JOCKEY - capturing the light

This is the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. I was asked to photograph it after it had been repainted. It was winter and dark days, so I had to wait for some light. The best time when the sun was on it would be in the morning. (more…)

Its nearly Christmas

Wednesbury Christmas

I’m starting to think about Christmas, like many other people. I have to get presents and food for guests. I’ll also be out taking photos, like this one I took last year. I know, our Christmas lights are a bit pathetic. (more…)

Mindful Gifts open their first shop


Yesterday I went to the official  opening of the first Mindful Gifts shop in Darlaston, that specialises in gifts for older people with dementia. Mindful Gifts is a community interest company that operates for the benefit of the community, rather than personal gain. (more…)

Darlaston Pubs (in the Black Country).

DSC_0272 (Copy)

King’s Hill is on the Wednesbury side of Darlaston. This is the Forge Tavern in Franchise street. It used to be a very popular pub, but I haven’t been in for years. (more…)

Photography: Horse owners of Tipton

DSC_1103 (Copy)

The Frying Pan

This Sunday I was asked to take photos at the Frying Pan in Darlaston of a meeting of the horse owners of Tipton that was organised by Jason Foxall (pictured) in memory of his uncle, Colin “Kingy” Salter; a local character from Darlaston who passed away a couple of years ago.   (more…)

Photography: The Horse and Jockey

horse & Jockey edit

Today I’ve started with a artistic edit of the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. Dave Mitchell and his partner Sharon Sadler took over this pub last week. Dave left the army last December after serving for 23 years in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he’s going to run a Black Country pub. (more…)

Neodigital Christmas Creations

111 color art

My first image today took me about an hour to edit. This street photograph was taken in the early evening and it was quite dark. I’ve used the gradient border again, but made the whole picture lighter using the bloom option and the region (out of focus) option gives me a lot of tools to do something creative with.


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