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Esoteric pursuits #ramble #writing #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual, I share my thoughts with my readers. I used to use a lot more words when I was younger and now I’m older and blogging I need an enlarged esoteric vocabulary and so I’ve been refreshing my memory and adding new words. I do have a terrible memory so it isn’t easy.

esoteric photography


Can dreams come true?

The Milky pool

I have known people who make a living as ‘visionaries’ and claim to be able to dream about the future. We do seem to dream about the past, present and future.  There must be a reason for these dreams. Can we dream about the future or are they, as some psychologists suggest, dreams that are our subconscious guesses of what the future might bring. It all sounds very spooky to me. (more…)

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