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More about depth of field #photography

I have written a lot about depth of field but it is difficult to explain in writing. Basically, the field is where the image is in sharp focus. That is the distance from the camera where the subject is and the sharpness falls off as we view things farther away from the camera or nearer to the camera. A wide aperture will make our subject sharper but the sharpness falls off quickly, whereas a narrow aperture will make most of our image in focus.

Taken with a wide aperture for a shallow depth of field


Aperture settings #photography

METRO  (1)

This isn’t a very good picture, but it demonstrates what I want to say. There is a post on the left that is out of focus and the birdhouse and tree are in focus. The depth of field is quite narrow. As you go away from the optimal distance from the camera things get blurred, but our subject is in sharp focus. (more…)

Aperture and depth of field #photography

SNOW - aperture - depth of field

This is the third lesson in my photography series for beginners. This week, I’ll look at a few things. White balance can be important, but I’ll also look at aperture and depth of field. What do you think the subject is in this picture? (more…)

Neodigital Art | Down the river


I used photographs of the river Tame last week, those were a little more scenic. This one is a bridge over the river closer to my home. Most people can find something to photograph on their own doorstep. This photo isn’t great, but the subject is the bridge and so I tried to get that in the centre, simply because my camera tends to focus better in the centre.


Neodigital Art | Light on the lens


Looking for depth

I set the camera on landscape for this shot which gives a narrow aperture and some depth of field. The shot in is focus and there are a lot of interesting colours. I couldn’t get anything in the foreground though to give the shot depth. I have edited and made the photograph darker to get the colours right.


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