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PAYD: Pay as you drive

Picture of the M6 motorway

I transferred a photo from my phone to my computer using Bluetooth the other day. Short range communication technology is more sophisticated now and has many applications. So called electronic or ‘smart’ number plates on cars isn’t a new idea, but could it be a step forward? (more…)

Who are the worst drivers? Younger or older people?


My car is 15 years old soon and so I drive carefully. I want it to last even longer. It’s still reliable and I don’t want a car that will cost me thousands a year in depreciation. So far the depreciation is around £300 a year. I don’t want high maintenance costs either, so I drive carefully. I don’t want high fuel costs either and so I drive carefully. I suppose the young boy racers think I’m slow. My 2 litre engine is ticking over and their engines scream as they pass me on the dual carriageway. Sometimes, their tyres scream as they try to follow me into a bend too fast and get out of shape too.


It’s enough to drive you nuts…

WS 5 016

You’re driving along and a woman’s voice is nag, nag, nag… Turn left at the next junction, take the third exit at the roundabout. Like I don’t know where I’m going! You can turn the sound off on the SAT NAV, but that gives you one more thing you have to keep an eye on. I need to have eyes everywhere on the roads around here. Regular readers will know I live in the heart of England; in the Black Country… (more…)

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