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Fun with photos

Sandwell Valley bridges


PhotoScape is fairly easy to use and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with photos and trying to create art.  I used the colorize option on this photo and gave it a border and then added a title at the bottom. Incidentally, I used the flash when I took the shot because it was quite dark under that bridge.


Blogging every day

Friar Park Wednesbury

Some bloggers are professional and some are amateurs, but you must try to do your best whichever one you are. I’ve written about 10 blog posts or articles this week. My latest one was on WordPress and I chose something topical for my Sunday morning blog post. I had to do some research for that post.


Neodigital Art | More diverse editing


The weather has improved a little now that we are closer to summer. I took this shot on Sunday and it was quite sunny. Notice how I’ve used the trees to add depth. I didn’t edit much, I just added some contrast.


Neodigital Art | Guest Edit

colorized 4

I usually use my own photographs for these neodigital art blogs or guest photos, but this week I have something different. Carolyn over at the Wonder of Tech sent me two photos to have a go at editing. They were virtually monochrome and so I decided to colorize with Smoothdraw 3 and touch them up a little. This is one of the edits, I did a few!


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