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pseudo-democracy without education?

I’m getting a little tired of the fallout from Brexit. People voted in a referendum and the people decided but on what evidence and did they understand the debate? Democracy is supposed to be government by the people but if we are honest the people of the United Kingdom rejected the European bureaucracy precisely because it is undemocratic. Yes, we elect MEP’s to the European parliament but they are then just representing themselves. They get fat salaries and expenses and we hear little from them until the next election. The media ignores them and they debate irrelevant issues like how straight bananas should be. We have a pseudo-democracy without education, the people do not understand the system or the issues.  (more…)

Status symbols #thrifty

status symbols

We are all aware of status and we all pander to it to some degree. Jeremy Corbyn may deny he uses status symbols when he dresses down to attend parliament, but on the street, it is a different story. At those left-wing political rallies, he dons his left-wing rebel leader outfit and looks more like Che Guevara than a serious British leader; which is a little worrying. (more…)

Ideas and thoughts #Sunday #ramble

good ideas?

A Featured post by Mike Maynard (editor).

I like this photo, it looks like they are suspended in mid-air. I took a few photos last weekend at Tipton Carnival and was hoping to photograph Willenhall Carnival yesterday, but the rain came… (more…)

The power of knowledge and wisdom

1 1 The River Tame

When we’re young, we go to school and try to acquire knowledge. We learn about reading, writing and arithmetic. These basic tools then equip us to learn about more complicated things. The arithmetic allows us to go on to learn mathematics, the reading equips us for the world of literature and the writing allows us to express ourselves with pen and paper. (more…)

Education: For the journey


We are all on a journey through life and education can set us on the right road and help us to reach our planned destination. It can also make us prejudiced and either give us high expectations of a lack of confidence that stops us achieving. Having the confidence to be adventurous is important to success. (more…)

Life: We need so many things just to live

1 walsall art gallery shop

I went to the art gallery on Sunday. Why? Well it was open for one thing. That’s important in people’s lives, opportunity. If people don’t have the opportunity to do things, then they might as well stay at home and watch some mind numbingly boring soap on Sunday afternoon. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon, but last week it was cold and wet. (more…)

How green are you?


I often write a blog on a Sunday morning, usually as lunch cooks. It’s a little early for lunch, I’m trying to do things early so I can go shopping and take photographs this afternoon. I usually write about whatever is on my mind on a Sunday. Today, it’s photography obviously, but I’m also curious as to what those flowers are in the picture. They’re growing by the pool and all down the side of the river. What are they called? Any idea? My readers are usually very helpful when it comes to identifying flowers, trees and my geological finds. (more…)

Education | How the West was lost

Samsung laptop


I remember my first computer in the 1980’s it was a Commodore. I could program it, it had a book that told me how to do it! Can I program my new Samsung? Can I hell as like! They are now made for using programs and playing silly games; keeping in touch with friends using social media and tweeting what you get up to on a night out. Could all this trivial behaviour have something to do with why the Western world is experiencing it’s worst depression for 80 years and countries are going bankrupt? (more…)

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