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Inflation: good news or bad news? #thrifty

It seems likely that in the new year prices of essentials like gas and electricity will increase as well as imported food. The US dollar is the international reserve currency and is used for international trade. The pound has been devalued against the dollar. Last November the pound bought $1.60, now it buys just $1.24. While food manufacturers try to absorb the extra cost, energy providers will eventually pass the cost on to us the consumers. Higher interest rates and a depreciating currency will drive inflation.

 inflation in 2017?


We dont always get what we deserve in life

wheelchair or sports car

Maybe the kid in the wheelchair in this picture is happy and the guys in the sports cars are unhappy; but I doubt it. We don’t always get what we deserve in life. We can be born disabled, sick or we can just be born into a dysfunctional family. It is so much better to be born into privilege, education and money. Life sucks for so many people and the ones in the sports cars tend to have a ‘I’m alright Jack attitude’.


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