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Composing your winter picture #photography


I have to admit that I don’t spend enough time composing my pictures, but I do look for diagonal lines and anything that will give the image perspective. Photographing landscapes in winter is difficult with the poorer light but we can still get images with a cold winter look. (more…)

Art and other things #ramble

History of Wednesbury

I edit photos sometimes and try to do something artistic with them. I did this one for the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. The idea was to help people connect in some way to Aethelflead, a warrior princess that the town has a connection in history with. Is that art? Does it have some value? (more…)

Photography: Black Country Pubs

I’ve been photographing buildings rather than landscapes just lately. It was nice and sunny when I took this picture and the gathering of horse drawn carriage enthusiasts made the shoot even more interesting. (more…)

The Bank holiday review.

church sepia

Today’s picture is of the church on the hill in Wednesbury, that overlooks where I live. It’s thought that Princess Ethelfleda, daughter of Alfred the Great, had a castle on the site about 1,000 years ago. She was a proper warrior princess.


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