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Freezing and sneezing #Wednesbury

Yes, it is freezing in Wednesbury today. I missed my evening of spoken word and music in Wednesbury library last night. I spent 30 minutes de-icing my car and it was still iced up and misted up then. I gave up, I was freezing. I might clear the ice later and warm it up. My computer says it’s 36F now but it has been wrong before. It was wrong last night, it was way below freezing.

Wednesbury on parade - it was freezing


Executive storytelling

Midland Metro picture used for Executive storytelling post


Executive storytelling has become more popular in the past few years. Executives have recognised the need to get their ideas across to consumers, employees and investors. The executive with a vision needs to use words and perhaps pictures to get their vision across to all stakeholders. (more…)

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