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Hickman Park (2)

I have written about a few things this week. Writers are sometimes accused of stealing ideas.  I often have my ideas stolen, that is what the site is all about. I don’t mind.  I’ve been writing about all kinds of things, but some things are topical like free days out for the kids during the holidays. I have also written about buying their back to school stuff and this week many sites have articles about students starting at university. Some writers are sitting in offices remembering their student days. I’ve been talking to a student and trying to help her sort of her certificate of acceptance that she need to get her visa. I also bought her a wok from Aldi. I have my own sources of ideas, I don’t really need to steal them; but I will!


Facebook addictions…

Fairy Dharawat:

“I like him.” “Let me send him a Facebook request.” “He did not accept my Facebook request” Has this ever made you miserable? “Hey a green signal! Let me chat with that cute guy, “hii!!” (No reply) “Hey u thr!!” (Gone Offline)  Have you found yourself in any of these situations? If yes, then welcome to the club. This is what happens when you stay on Facebook for the longest time. Let me take you to the world of some people on Facebook who are, can I use the word? Yes I can, addicted.

Smile with tongue out