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Creating images

I designed this advertisement for a charity fun day event and tried to give it a fun look. Image is important for events, places and people. Even this website has an image and I try to make it colourful. (more…)

Another week of ideas

Wednesbury 036

I took a few photographs this week, but it rained a lot of the time. In Moorcroft Wood, it was muddy and so I didn’t venture far into the woodland. I had a few ideas to blog about though. I hope to do better this week if I have some new photographs and it stops raining. Wimbledon is over and so it could brighten up now! I’ll do a roundup of this weeks ideas and you can choose the ones that you fancy reading through Sunday. (more…)

Writing fiction | Inspired

Sandwell Valley and Milky 040

Fiction can be inspired by many things. It can be inspired by a photograph, a person, an outing, television or just a random thought. We have to keep our minds open to new ideas and new perspectives. I have just downloaded a new font, will it inspire me to write fiction? It could! (more…)

Writing Fiction | Past, present and future


Your story can be set in the past, present or future. if it’s the past, you can do research and find information about that past time. If it’s the present then there will be less need for research, but you still need to do some research. The future, which could be your choice if you are writing science fiction is a little more difficult. It requires more imagination. What will future technology give us? New materials? Super-conductors for electricity? Super-light materials to fabricate space craft from? There is a need for research again and maybe all these technologies can be incorporated into your story to make it; plausible. (more…)

How to write fiction | Research


Whether you are writing fiction or non fiction, it’s a good idea to do research and have the skills to do research. It’s easier now than it’s  ever been with the vast amount of information on the internet. I used to spend whole afternoons in reference libraries. (more…)

How to write fiction | Imagination


I’ve used another interesting picture this week to fire your imagination. I won’t literally set you on fire, that is a rhetorical device; this blog has a list of 50 of them. I can’t remember the names of all 50, but I remember the basics and that is to use language and words that gets a emotional response from the reader. Some words are as sharp as a butcher’s knife and some are as soft as a baby’s bottom. Imagination is very useful, but so is a good knowledge of words. (more…)

How to write fiction | Characters and places

Vintage Darlo

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon and edited out some of the modern things; a couple of cars and a sign. Now it looks quite Dickensian and could inspire a story. It is actually part of a town hall, but it could just as well be a Victorian workhouse or Ebenezer Scrooge’s offices. Some effort has been taken to keep the town’s Victorian look as you can see from the period lamp post. I did edit a modern one out however. It might be difficult writing a story set in the Victorian era, but maybe one that begins with a Victorian idea and then continues into the present day? Maybe the great grandfather of our protagonist had his office in this building and that could be the beginning. (more…)

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