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Metering on a DSLR #photography

There are three different setting for metering on my Nikon D3200. Metering sets DSLRs apart from other cameras and can help us get just the right exposure, especially for portraits. When we focus on a shot we also meter the light that is being reflected into the camera from our subject. The metering mode I use the most is ‘matrix’ and it measures the light across the whole frame.

matrix metering


Focusing on the shot #photography


I took this photo last week. Notice how the goose is in focus, but the foreground and background are out of focus. I used a 50 – 300mm lens for this shot, but if you have a bridge camera, you just need to zoom in. (more…)

Wide apertures #photography

1 post with exif

Last week I looked at wide apertures for portraits, that can get your subject in sharp focus, but the background out of focus. This photo isn’t one of my best ones, it’s just the concrete post in the garden that holds the washing line. You can see easily that it’s in focus while the background is blurred. (more…)

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