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Saving money as a student

How to save money during your education

Education is considered to be most important part of every individual’s life. The writing techniques, learning skills, teaching technologies, etc. play vital roles in education. Apart from the learning, one may have many responsibilities like repaying student loans, different kinds of bills, expenses and own finances besides the chores.


Preparing to save money in winter

Money - Seeing the future

Today we have winter sunshine in England. It’s cold outside and my central heating thermostat is cutting in a lot. I have washing in the washing machine that will be pegged outside to dry. Why use electricity to dry washing when nature will do it for you? I have been preparing for winter in a number of ways.


Surviving Financial disaster

Money - Seeing the future

I have some big payments going out of my bank accounts today for insurance, but I was expecting them and have had all year to save up. Sometimes though, we do get unexpected emergencies and they can cause financial problems. It is a good idea to have an emergency fund for such times. I have money for emergencies and I could pay my insurance monthly or even put it on my credit card. I have options, but what when all the options are running out?


The Frugal Diet | Life Style

Forge Mill Lake

10,000 years ago, our ancestors ate mostly roots and berries, but also eggs. Not chicken eggs like us but the eggs of water birds like ducks. There was no farming and many of the foods we eat today came later from overseas. Chickens from Asia; turkeys, potatoes and beans from the Americas. We find eggs easy to digest because our bodies are designed to eat them. We haven’t changed physically very much in the last 10,000 years. Some foods that we eat would be impossible to eat if they weren’t cooked. Many allergies and other problems with food appear to be the result of ‘modern’ foods. Dairy foods in particular seem to create problems and many people have allergies. (more…)

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