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Choosing a used camera #photography

GUM BALL 3000 2012

There are always a lot of used cameras for sale on specialist websites and Ebay. If you are lusting after a really expensive camera buying one used might be the answer. You need to know the difference between the different cameras. This picture was taken with a Fujifilm S5600  bridge camera. (more…)

Settings on your camera #photography

Camera settings: narrow aperture

Last week I talked about pre-shoot settings. I did those settings before I took this shot. You can see the exif on bottom of the picture. It was bright sunlight, so I set the white balance for bright sunlight and set the aperture quite narrow for depth of field. The ISO was on auto and the camera increased it to 160. That is strange, I have no idea why it did that. (more…)

Nikon D3200 | Photographing the park.


I took delivery of my new Nikon D3200 last week and it has a a much higher specification than my Fujifilm S5600 that I normally use. You can see from this photo that the resolution is much higher at nearly 25 megapixels. The first photos that I took weren’t so good and the editing was very different.

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