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Have we hit bottom? #investments

The FTSE 100 is up this morning but is still under 6000, a big drop from last year’s high of over 7000. Is this the bottom? I see no signs of the economy being managed any better and if share prices go lower we will see acquisitions. A few companies have already gone to overseas buyers. (more…)

Another midweek moan…

1 Vauxhall

I cleaned my car on Sunday. I know it’s not the latest one, it’s not even environmentally friendly. What’s the point of driving an environmentally friendly car and doing even more miles? I think they’re dangerous too. Someone drove into a tree near me the other day. He was declared dead at the scene. What now? An environmentally friendly, cardboard coffin? I need a nice solid car… (more…)

The Earth, the sun and the moon

New moon

It’s a full moon tomorrow (22 July 2013) and so I might try for a good photograph. This was a once in a blue moon shot, so I don’t think I’ll get a better one. In the UK, if it’s a clear sky, which it’s forecast to be, you should see a quite bright moon in the west just after it comes up.


The farce is strong


George Osborne is claiming that it was his influence that is bringing Lucasfilm to the UK to make another episode of Star Wars. The Downing Street farce is strong and they’re bringing the film over to the dark side.


Bullingdon Britain

Woden Road South, Wednesbury

It’s the Spring equinox on Wednesday and so there is something to look forward to. A lot of people are dreading the future though with new Housing Benefit rules about to make life very difficult for many of the poorest members of society. These are people whose children have perhaps left home or who have a child away from home at university.


The mid-week Moan

Lake and river 001

What can I write about today? I can always moan about something…. I was reminded of buying my first computer in the 1980’s this morning. I learned how to use a word processor and I learnt some B.A.S.I.C programming. Remember B.A.S.I.C? Then Windows came out and it all got too complicated… (more…)

Sunday thoughts of sunshine

A factory sunset

This week George Osborne told the world that the government wants to sell it’s shares in Royal Bank of Scotland, signalling intent to dump billion of pounds worth on the stock market. This was done to coincide with the bank announcing huge ‘paper’ losses. Not surprisingly the banks share price tanked on the stock market and so did Lloyd’s Banking Group. Well done George…


The economic outlook

In the UK, the Chancellor made his Autumn economic statement yesterday. Will the economy get better or worse as a result? It seems we are going to see more austerity and so it will probably get worse. People will have less money to spend and that will be lower sales for retailers and service providers.


UK Budget 2012 | Alternative ideas?


Vasectomy allowance

George Osborne makes his budget speech tomorrow and I think he should introduce a special tax allowance for men who have just had vasectomies. It makes sense! It would be a long term investment. Do you remember when people in the UK queued up to get married at this time of year so they would get a tax rebate? We could have men queuing to get vasectomies in March if there was a decent tax rebate as an incentive. Then a couple of years down the line there would be less demand for nursery school places, then less infant school places and it goes on and on! In 18 years would we need less universities? (more…)

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