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Globalisation risks for investors #investments


Globalisation has to some extent brought us prosperity but it has also brought us cartels and monopolies. Some of these companies have grown so big through the spread of globalisation that they are now very difficult to challenge and so have a virtual monopoly. Facebook, for example, has little competition. There are alternatives in China like QQ but in the western world, Facebook has the power to dominate the market.



Heritage weekend and nowhere to go #ramble

Yes, it’s heritage weekend and yesterday I went to the local art gallery and museum to listen to a talk by local historian Ian Bott on the mansions of the Black Country. Most of those are long gone or there are plans to turn them into flats like the Redhouse in Redhouse Park and Great Barr Hall. The art gallery and museum only opens a few hours three days a week. Meanwhile, in London, they get shed loads of money for the arts and heritage.



Big is not beautiful


I photographed this bus the other day near Tesco. I read this morning that the bus company is owned by a group of companies based in Germany. Everything appears to be foreign-owned in Britain these days and our politicians go cap in hand to other countries begging for investment. Something is not right.


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