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How time flies #ramble #photography

I photographed a pageant princess, Libby Rose, the other day. It seems incredible to me that she was born in this century and has no memories of the 20th century. When I was helping students with their studies I would sometimes ask their date of birth and it would be 1990 and that would seem like yesterday to me. Time flies, doesn’t it?

Libby Rose - time flies


A Christmas challenge

I took this photo last year in the depths of winter. It’s still officially Autumn, but it getting colder. I think the lake will freeze before long and we can expect snow. Winter officially starts around the 20th of December, but then Christmas is supposed to cheer us all up. So I’m going to set you a Christmas challenge.


Save us from politicians and economists

Money - Seeing the future

Can we rely on the politicians and economists to solve the problems the world has? We are in a  world recession. We are still able to produce wealth, but we seem to have a problem with money; the means to exchange that wealth.


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