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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Greener

By: Danielle Hegedus

These days, many people are interested in making their home more eco-friendly. Whether you want to reduce your overall environmental footprint, or just create a safer, healthier living space, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to make your home greener. At Home Improvement Leads, we recommend that you start simply by making your home more environmentally sustainable. Read on to learn about small changes that you can implement to save money on monthly utility and grocery bills. You can also reduce indoor pollutants that can be damaging to your health, all while diminishing your home’s impact on the environment.



How green are you?


I often write a blog on a Sunday morning, usually as lunch cooks. It’s a little early for lunch, I’m trying to do things early so I can go shopping and take photographs this afternoon. I usually write about whatever is on my mind on a Sunday. Today, it’s photography obviously, but I’m also curious as to what those flowers are in the picture. They’re growing by the pool and all down the side of the river. What are they called? Any idea? My readers are usually very helpful when it comes to identifying flowers, trees and my geological finds. (more…)

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