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How to become a writer and photographer

a Whie Hart edit

How hard can it be?

It seems so much easier to become a writer or even a photographer these days. Most people have a computer and a digital camera and the internet provides numerous blogging sites and photo sharing sites. How hard can it be? You can even publish a novel on the internet as a eBook or even have it printed on demand. There are millions of people with blogs on WordPress and BlogSpot.


Influence through blogging.

Tipton 059

If you read an article in a newspaper, you have no opportunity to put your views, but on a website you can; you can comment. Do they listen though? We bloggers do listen to comments and try our best to be interactive. sold this week for 87 million pounds and so there is hope for this website! I’ve had a WordPress blog on for nearly 2 years and I have posted over 400 blogs. That blog started off slow and I didn’t get any readers hardly for 6 months, this blog is doing much better with 100 posts and has a few readers. The site is only 4 months old and we have readers in 50 different countries, although most readers are in English speaking countries and obviously the top country is usually the UK. (more…)

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