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A Halloween ramble #ramble #Halloween

It is Sunday morning again, how time flies! I shall let you into the darker, dustier pathways of my mind and share my thoughts with you. I can’t do anything right this morning, so I hope I can find something interesting to amuse you with. I photographed a charity event raising money for Sam’s Dream yesterday. It was dark and miserable again, but I got a few good photos inside the cafe. I have used a lot of photos of Sam so this time I’ll share a scary picture of his sister Lisa. She deserves a moment in the limelight in her Halloween make-up.



Halloween Ideas #thrifty

Kids want to have fun on Halloween, making masks and dressing up. This can be done on a budget and the event can be made more special with seasonal foods. Try making special soups or non-alcoholic cocktails. (more…)

Autumn and winter #ramble


We are into autumn now and nature is giving us a warning that winter is fast approaching. Tomorrow British Summertime ends and we move our clocks an hour back. It will mean it gets dark earlier and I’ll gain an hour’s sleep. (more…)

Thrifty Halloween #thrifty

As usual I’m searching for bargains, but often you know which shop to go to, but the item you want is out of stock. Many shops buy in stock at a discount and when it’s gone either don’t restock, can’t restock  or are slow to restock because they have to negotiate a discount on new stock. (more…)

Autumn and winter #thrifty

The autumn starts in a few days in Britain and so we have to think about saving money through autumn and winter.  Food that is suitable for colder weather like soups and stews can save money because they require cheaper cuts of meat or even no meat at all. (more…)

Photography: Spooky Halloween


It’s Halloween this week and so I went out to take some spooky graveyard photos. The idea with this photo was to take a shot and then superimpose a ghostly figure on top of the image, but it didn’t quite work out. (more…)

Autumn photography

We are well into Autumn here in England and winter is approaching fast. So what can we photograph? The rain keeps on coming and the skies have been dark and cloudy. You do get odd days in Autumn and winter when the sun does provide good light though, like in this picture. The colours are different, more muted.


Remember, remember, the fifth of November


It’s nearly the fifth of November and will be Guy Fawkes night here in Britain, we remember the gunpowder plot when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators tried to blow up James the First in the House of Lords. It was an act of terrorism, but when you show off your wealth and power, perhaps you can expect people to get angry.


Halloween help wanted

Sanna dark

I’ve started with a really spooky picture of Moorcroft Wood today because it’s Halloween. I’ve been building this website up since February and it’s been a struggle. It’s not just about writing, I also have to do publicity. I need help today with publicity.


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