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My DSLR checklist #photography


Airline pilots use a checklist before they take off to ensure that they follow the correct procedure and the use of checklists are now favoured by doctors and surgeons as part of their preparations. I used a checklist to prepare for my photo-shoot of a local Fun day in Darlaston at the weekend.

Libby Robbins and Stephanie Rees

This is Libby and Stephanie who hosted the fun day and raised money for the Rainbow Child Foundation. I expected most of my pictures to be close-up wide aperture shots of people, like this one.


Photographing buildings #photography

1 Queens Head

If you’re just starting to take up photography, then try photographing interesting buildings. You can think more about taking the photo and less about the settings. I took this photo of the Queen’s Head in Wednesbury on a sunny day, so it’s a nice bright photo. (more…)

Photography: Christmas pictures

Town Christmas tree

Christmas tree

I took this picture of the town’s Christmas tree last week and to make it twinkle more I used a 4 point star filter.I bought a set of filters, a soft focus filter, a warm filter and this 4 point star filter. You can get filters for a lot of cameras, but you have to buy the right size.  (more…)

Photography: The Horse and Jockey

horse & Jockey edit

Today I’ve started with a artistic edit of the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. Dave Mitchell and his partner Sharon Sadler took over this pub last week. Dave left the army last December after serving for 23 years in the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he’s going to run a Black Country pub. (more…)

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