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Solo Oil soars on AIM #investments

Solo Oil

Solo Oil isn’t the only stock in my portfolio but it is the one I’ve been watching this week. It has soared from 0.42 to 0.53 (BID) since last Friday. The spread is still ridiculously high at 7.55%. The games market makers play! They have triggered a lot of stop-losses this week and stopped the games of some day traders.

Solo Oil


Sunday rambling


If you’re a regular reader you’ll know on a Sunday morning I write about whatever is on my mind. This morning it’s the Black Country Festival, there’s only a few days left. There’s a fun day today in Victoria Park, Tipton and some events in Walsall as part of their town festival. It’s raining… (more…)

Finance Friday: economic theories

You spend years at university learning economic theories about market forces and supply and demand, get your bachelor degree and maybe a Master’s degree to boot. You go on to become a banker, politician or economist and then you find out real life doesn’t match the theory! (more…)

HS 2 another fracking bad idea

HS 2 was a plan for a high speed rail link from London to the Midlands, but now it’s been extended to the north of England too. The original estimate of the cost was supposed to be 32 billions, but that has been revised upwards to 42 billions and with the governments track record we can expect it to cost closer to 100 billions. Could we spend money and invest more wisely?


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