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How to write fiction | Inspired comedy

Manor hospital

Comedy fiction is the most popular, we all like to laugh but it’s also the hardest to write. I was writing guest blogs in 2010 and had an appointment at the hospital. The evening before, I had watched the film, ‘The Island’ on TV. The film is about a community that has a lottery to win a trip to an island. In reality, their community is in a futuristic building in the desert and the island doesn’t exist. Two members of the community escape through the ventilation system and go on to find out the truth. They are actually clones, being kept so their organs can be harvested. When they win the lottery, they leave to have their organs harvested, not some paradise island. I went to the new futuristic hospital the  day after watching that film; this was inspiration! (more…)

How to write fiction

PARK 018

It was a sunny day, I parked my car and opening the back door, I took my camera out of the case and put the strap around my neck. I thought I could take a picture of the gatehouse, trees and maybe the squirrels. The sun was shining and the trees cast shadows as I walked into the park and I could see the Victorian bandstand; but I already had photographs of that. The path is lined with park benches, which is handy, I like to sit down and steady the camera. I get tired walking around these parks too. I approached the bandstand and then I saw her, she was a vision of beauty and sitting on a park bench. She had long flowing hair and was perfectly groomed. Her tight white shirt looked like it was freshly ironed. She looked so cool dressed all in white, like a virtual angel. Her skirt was rather short, revealing long slender legs that seemed to go all the way up to her armpits. (more…)

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