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Enjoying the spring landscapes #photography

Through the winter I struggled with poor light and even had a few photographs that were ‘noisy’. Noise is those little spots often white or purple that appear at the higher ISO settings. Now, though, we have great light and can enjoy walking in the country and getting amazing pictures. But all that green can be a little boring so watch out for things that will break up the sea of green such as walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The spring is a great season for landscape photography as the days get longer and the evenings get lighter.



Fixed apertures on phones #photography

I usually take photos either with my Nikon D3200 or my old Fujifilm S5600 but now I have a new phone I’ve been trying out the camera. I can set the white balance, ISO and shutter speed just like on my cameras, but the aperture is fixed. Essentially, it is fixed wide open. A wide open aperture is great for portraits and selfies but not quite so good for landscapes. The pictures will never be as sharp as a DSLR but I’ve been getting some interesting pictures because the LG G5 has two lenses. There is a normal one and a wide panoramic type lens. I tried the panoramic lens in our town hall and it made brought out the grandeur of the main hall, but with a little distortion. Cameras with fixed apertures can still take great photos, though.

fixed apertures


Sunset colours #photography

Lots of people will photograph a sunset for the deep reds and bright oranges but rarely see that the warm light from a sunset offers a lot more possibilities. The sunsets can be a little boring too, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Try to get something in the foreground of your sunset and use the sunset as a backdrop. The Eiffel Tower looks nice in the foreground but a few trees can look quite dramatic!



Sandwell Valley Landscapes #photography

Sandwell Valley

Before West Bromwich existed there was Bromwich, which was a small settlement at the top of Sandwell Valley. The remains of very early agriculture have been found in Sandwell Valley and it is the site of a medieval Benedictine priory  too. I went to take photos on the bridleway that runs along the river.



Composing your shot #photography

I think I first took up photography because I wanted something relaxing to do and landscape photography allowed me to wander around beautiful scenery capturing images to share with the world. If you are new to photography you don’t really need to understand camera settings to simply recognise a good scene and capture it with your camera. It can help to know a little bit about composing a shot.

composing a shot with swans on a pool


Clearly defined subject #photography

Saxon Warrior at Wednesbury art gallery   clearly defined subject

Saxon Warrior

I went to Wednesbury art gallery last week and this gentleman kindly dressed as a Saxon warrior and posed for a few photos. It is obvious what the subject of this photo is and it is a sharp image. Landscape photography is different and there isn’t always a clearly defined subject. (more…)

Dinnertime at the pool

dinnertime at the pool


This is the other side of town, where Hyde’s Pool attracts lots of water birds like geese, ducks and coots. People go to feed them usually with bread. If a car stops and someone gets out, the birds think it’s dinnertime and often race each other to the food. The swan will compete with the geese and ducks and a flock of pigeons will descend to eat up any leftovers. (more…)

Shooting and editing winter #photography

1 Hydes Pool Wednesbury

Winter photography can be difficult because there is a lot less light. You can make the sensor on your camera more sensitive to light by increasing the ISO. You can also use wider apertures than you would in summer. (more…)

Autumn experiments #photography

AUTUMN 2015 The Delves, Walsall

I was in the mood for experimenting with photography this week and did some shots into the sun and played around with camera settings. This shot was a little boring, so I put my car in the foreground to make it look more interesting.


Summer pictures #photography


I took this photo of a swan on Hydes pool last August. I used spot focusing and a wide aperture. You can see the leaves in the foreground are out of focus, but the swan is in focus. (more…)

Photographic memories

photographic memories

Redhouse Park in February 2012

I remember this photo. I took it in Redhouse park in West Bromwich, about 4 or 5 miles from my home. I just wanted to come home that day, I was cold and felt sick. I’m not sure what possessed me to go there in February! It’s a good picture though, taken with a Fujifilm S5600. (more…)

Photography competition

Tipton boats 8 x 10

I’ve been thinking about a photography competition this week and went to pick up the entry forms. I did a bit of research into previous competitions and I expect the standard to be very high. I’ll still enter and try to win! (more…)

Editing pictures with Photoscape


I was expecting to take even more photographs now summer has finally arrived; both landscapes and events. The weather hasn’t been great though, but it seems to be changing now just in time for Wednesbury carnival. (more…)

Spring photos #photography

Spring landscape

The weather has changed this week and we really do have spring weather. I took some photos yesterday and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. When I was taking this shot, which I’ve done many times before, I set my camera on manual and tried to get the aperture just right so that small cloud didn’t disappear. (more…)

Wednesbury pictures #photography

Hydes Pool Wednesbury

We have very changeable weather in the Black Country. This photo was taken just over a year ago on a sunny day in February and is Hydes Pool in Wednesbury; where I live. Sometimes taking a landscape like this on a sunny day can be hard. (more…)

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