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Focus points and metering #photography

The focus points on a camera are used to focus on your subject but they are also used for metering. My Nikon D3200 has 11 focus points and they are useful but I often only use one. Some cameras have a lot more focus points and they  cover the whole frame.

focus points


Getting what you want #life

I like this image, it says pantomime doesn’t it? It has a Victorian look to it as well which we associate these days with Christmas films on television. We know there was poverty and suffering in the Victorian era, but we mostly associate it with Dickensian images of snow falling on quaint streets of shops, hansom cabs and ladies and gentlemen in their finery. (more…)

Impressions and style


I had some photos printed yesterday and framed some of them. It seems to show them off better now they are framed. Some of them will be mounted on card for a photography competition. Whatever you’re doing to helps to show things at their best. People used to wear their ‘Sunday best’ to church. (more…)

Image conscious?

Posing with a horse and trap

As usual, I went out taking photographs yesterday. This was the Frying Pan pub in Darlaston, where the horse owners meet on a Sunday afternoon. The children were keen to have their photos taken yesterday. (more…)

Psychology | protecting your reputation

Protecting you image and reputation is important. Sometimes, if your reputation and image has been damaged, you need to repair it. Image is not only what you look like, but also what people think of you and how much they respect you.


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